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What the hell is taking you lot soo loooong???

Chandy made me feel guilty the other day! I’ve been posting up little snippets of the new mixes to my youtube account and then removing them, writing things on our facebook wall like “OMFG the new mixes sound sweet… ha … Continue reading

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Views from the World Steam Expo

We had a crazy time at the World Steam Expo – big hello to everyone we met out there! I’ve already detailed some of my (slightly disreputable) adventures over on my other blog, but here are some more photos from … Continue reading

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How to Survive 2 Weeks in the Studio with Sunday Driver, if you’re a boy

Boys Have the Best Toys As a child I was always very grateful to have been born a boy! Boys get good toys: cars that turn into robots that turn into guns; Darth Vader ; remote controlled boats. Girls get … Continue reading

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The agony of the morning

I discovered a new spin on the commute to ‘work’ last week. Crawling off a couch / matress with a throat like a chimney sweeps, hungry, late , with your own songs buzzing around your head in an insanely annoying … Continue reading

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A strum and a click

For the first year of my life as a guitarist , I didn’t play with bands or other musicians or even along to that many records (as I couldn’t work them out). I sat in my own little world turning … Continue reading

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