What the hell is taking you lot soo loooong???

Chandy made me feel guilty the other day! I’ve been posting up little snippets of the new mixes to my youtube account and then removing them, writing things on our facebook wall like “OMFG the new mixes sound sweet… ha ha you can’t hear them”… generally in my own way trying to build anticipation of our next album. She said people might get sick of me bragging and not sharing!

stupid videos like this:


Perhaps you’ll all get bored and stop listening to us! NA, doubt it!  I know I’m wriggling with anticipation as Mel camps over at Jigsaw studios this week to finish the production process. Over the years it’s become clear that him and Tom work best alone when mixing – so that’s how this album is being produced.

It’s been almost exactly 3 years since we finished the last album.

Is that a long time? I guess it might be. But you have to keep in mind it took us a year to enjoy Dreadful Night, a year to write the application form to get the money for The Mutiny from the UK Arts Council (I kid you not) , and another year to write and record The Mutiny.

In total we’ve spent over 35 days recording ;10 of which were pre-production with our wizard-like- sound tech Joe….(Joe does actually share a house with a wizard called Scuzz who sleeps with his eyes open and has a beard that would make Gandalf bitter).

The recoding time has been spread out over April – August , you can’t do it all in one stint for reasons of sanity and annual leave!

Currently the plan is not to release the album until Spring 2012, the reason behind this is (WHHAAAT?). Reason for this is simple, we have a plan, we have help and we’re carrying it out – a good release is like a good revolution, it takes planning and timing.

If you want the album before then you have to get to a gig in September in the UK – or follow us on twitter/facebook or join our email list…. there’s a special edition coming for existing fans… very soon.

I hope this proves to be a successful tactic, cos the more CDs you lot buy, the more cash we have to get our name out to the wider world.

Thanks for your patience, see you around.

(PS Video teaser for the single released in Oct/Nov coming soon)






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