Views from the World Steam Expo

We had a crazy time at the World Steam Expo – big hello to everyone we met out there! I’ve already detailed some of my (slightly disreputable) adventures over on my other blog, but here are some more photos from our trip.

World Steam Expo banner

In case I forgot where I was

Sunday Driver hotel

In a hotel lobby, jetlagged as hell

Sunday Driver Joel

Even the tropical vibe can't keep Joel awake

Sunday Driver Scott

Hushabye Scotty


The best pizza in the universe (or so it seemed when it finally turned up and we'd been awake for about a hundred hours)

Cogbots cogs

Cogs! Thousands of 'em! Steampunk band cogs from the excellent Cogbots.


Harpnotic - that woman is balancing a sword on her head!

Steampunks at World Steam expo

Some of the costumes were *amazing*

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

The brilliant (and lovely) Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, our fellow Brits on tour

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

Here they are again!

World Steam Expo panda

I played cards with an artist and a Steampunk panda


The Expo was great. Dearborn, however, is shit.

Sunday Driver photoshoot

The amazing Evelyn Kriete styled us for our photoshoot

Sunday Driver autograph session

Our autograph signing session (once the boys finally turned up...)

Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian

Evelyn gifted us a bottle of this...

Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian

...and although it contains ZERO (0%) JUICE (and a bunch of other crap)...

Boone's Farm Blue Hawaiian

...went down Chandy's face a treat

Sunday Driver vouchers

Anyone want a voucher?

Expo socks

As usual I was knitting - I managed to crank out a whole pair of socks

Hotel room cards

Between 7 of us we accumulated about 15 key cards. I have no idea how that happened.

View from the plane

So long Detroit - it's been emotional

About harpistkat

Kat plays harp, clarinet, bass clarinet, spoons, piano and anything else Sunday Driver can throw at her.
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2 Responses to Views from the World Steam Expo

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  2. Dr. Curiosity says:

    Very glad I got to see you all at last, even if I did have to meet you halfway in North America 🙂
    Thanks so much for coming over for the Expo!

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