How to Survive 2 Weeks in the Studio with Sunday Driver, if you’re a boy

Boys Have the Best Toys

As a child I was always very grateful to have been born a boy! Boys get good toys: cars that turn into robots that turn into guns; Darth Vader ; remote controlled boats. Girls get dolls; pretend horses, mini kitchen sets (OK maybe in the 80s they were more common!)….. rubbish stuff!

Of course being in Sunday Driver I’m a firm believer in bucking genres and trends… if I were to buy a pressie for a little niece, I’d prefer to get them Megatron or an air pistol opposed to that trollop Barbie.

However I fear it is a fact that boys enjoy the best toys, in a response to Kat and Chandy’s entries here’s a blog of surviving two weeks in the studio, if you’re a boy:

1. Grand Auto IV (90% of all gaming should be invested in Nico), Mario Kart / Golden Eye (N64), Mame arcade games, Mortal Kombat 3 and Metal Slug 3 essential, Wide selection of DVDs (Star Wars, Hitchcock, the good Tarintinos)

Studio Entertainment

2. Lots of instruments you don’t really need. .

3. Have plenty of smokes

4. Explore your surroundings


McFly's Old Tour Bus

5. Keep a wide selection of ales back at basecamp.

6. Eat well – No F’ing meat slices (ie Ginsters)! Yes last night’s left over dinner, Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle,  confectionery selection:

No Gruel Here

7. Afternoon naps in Mcfly’s old tour bus, feels bizzarely like being on hoiday.

We’re over half way through now, with most of my own takes under my belt, I’m left with two major objectives to complete: tune the tanpura for trippy drones and steal an FBI Buffalo, escape the pigs and save a game with it outside my apartment!

Oh yea and finish the album!


About joelsitar

I play sitar and guitar, lots.
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2 Responses to How to Survive 2 Weeks in the Studio with Sunday Driver, if you’re a boy

  1. Kat Arney says:

    🙂 I see the confectionery selection has expanded in my absence!

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