Northern salad and sunshine: Views from the studio

We’ve been doubly lucky this week to have a fantastic studio to record in –  courtesy of Tom Savage at Jigsaw – and fantastic weather. Here are a few pics I took last week:

Jigsaw Studios

Jigsaw studios - so cute!

 Sunday Driver Jigsaw studios

Joel and Chandy arguing about... I mean, discussing how to record one of our songs

Homemade curry

Enjoying Chandy's delicious homemade curry

North Luffingham

The view from my bedroom window at the cottage we stayed in

Chandy in the garden

Relaxing with a cuppa and a hot cross bun in the garden

Northern salad

Chandy's "Northern Salad"

Butt Lane

Hurr hurr hurr hurr - we stayed on Butt Lane


About harpistkat

Kat plays harp, clarinet, bass clarinet, spoons, piano and anything else Sunday Driver can throw at her.
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