Studio essentials: Kat

We finally made it to the studio without killing each other, and withmore than enough finished songs to make an awesome album. Right now we’re holed up in Jigsaw studios, stuck in the middle of nowhere just outside Peterborough. And to make the most of our time – and possibly to increase the chances of us all killing each other – we’re staying together in a cottage in a nearby village.

But how do you keep sane in the face of the equivalent of two weeks’ musical purgatory? Chandy’s already shared her survival guide, and here are my studio essentials.

Staying in touch with the outside world is vital, given that there are times when I’d rather talk to complete strangers on Twitter than the people in my band (only kidding, guys!). Netbook and Crackberry (plus as many Wifi passwords as I can scavenge) are therefore my number 1 essential:


Knitting. And more knitting. And some spare knitting just in case:




Running shoes. I may not actually make it out for a run, but at least I can make everyone else feel guilty for having made the effort to bring my kit along:


Good headphones. So I can make it all go away and watch Nathan Fillion clips on Youtube in peace:


Chewing gum. It goes some way to staving off the 12-hour biscuit-eating marathon that seems to set in every time we get near a recording studio. Also see: Innocent Veg Pots.


And finally, wine. Though I’m not sure sending Joel and Chandy out to buy the booze was a good idea. Last time I looked Romania wasn’t exactly known for their wine-growing prowess. Tastes surprisingly OK though. Don’t judge me.



About harpistkat

Kat plays harp, clarinet, bass clarinet, spoons, piano and anything else Sunday Driver can throw at her.
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