Sunday Driver at the Tusk and Garter club, Brighton

We had a great time last week playing down at the Tusk and Garter club in Brighton (despite the dressing room being up three flights of stairs and having no lights…)

Tusk and Garter flyer

The Tusk & Garter club - a top night all round

The Proud Brighton Ballroom was a fantastic venue that fitted the vibe perfectly, and was packed out with a spectacularly stylish crowd dressed up to the nines in full Steampunk regalia.

Professor Elemental played host:

Professor Elemental

He's less blurry than this in real life

Joel and Amit from Sunday Driver did a little bit of sitar and tabla for the diners before the main event:

Joel and Amit

Nice to see they dressed up for the occasion...

Chandy and I also did some harp and vocal stuff, but obviously I have no photos of that…

Also on the bill was the lovely Marianna Harlotta, diva extraordinaire. I loved her set, particularly the operatic renditions of Ace of Spades and Psycho Killer:

Marianna Harlotta

The diva shows us how it's done

And as a special treat, burlesque from the beautiful  Billie Rae:

Billie Rae

Billie Rae, with most of her clothes still on I'm afraid

Our gig was just brilliant – thanks to everyone who came to see us and danced through the whole set. We had a great time on stage, and it was fun to road-test our new songs in front of such a fantastic crowd. Did anyone take any photos of us?

Sadly I had to leave to make a 3 hour drive home before I could watch much of Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer. I was gutted to miss his ‘beef’ with professor Elemental, which is shaping up to be the biggest bustup in hip-hop since Biggie and Tupac.  Here’s Elemental’s new video, Fighting Trousers, by way of explanation:

A top night all round – thanks to Tarik for inviting us down, and to all the other acts.


About harpistkat

Kat plays harp, clarinet, bass clarinet, spoons, piano and anything else Sunday Driver can throw at her.
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