The worst best situation.

I’ve just got back from the studio. I’ve spent five of the last six days inside the demo for Sunday Driver’s new album. A bubble that sucks you in holds you, takes your responsibilities and forces you to leave them at the door. A wonderful, satisfying, exhausting warp where your fantasy and life collide.

Rainbow Joe has been working 16 hour days since Saturday, only stopping to eat or drink what we place in front of him… our brains, lungs, ears and eyes are spent and it’s sounds good, very good. Far better than we expected it to sound at this point. In fact it’s all gone so well that we’ve ended up in the worst best situation:

We have more good songs than we can fit on the album!

So what will follow?

Six weeks on a see-saw, hovering the axe over our little darlings. Some songs are equally dear to the whole band, some though sit more precious in one of our hearts than the others… these ‘darlings’ are the ones that shall find the axe falling towards them soon, we’ll promise to resurrect them next time… maybe an EP will follow? Maybe the album will be longer (NO! says Mel) …It’s going to be emotional!

I have loads of stupid video from the last couple of days to edit together… once the tiredness passes I’ll get on to that…. and explain why the camera has already been banned from the control room during the Jigsaw sessions to come!

Sleep now, somehow this picture sums up the last few days quite well:


About joelsitar

I play sitar and guitar, lots.
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2 Responses to The worst best situation.

  1. Emily Seidel says:

    Can’t wait to hear your latest brilliance!

  2. Kat Arney says:

    Not my darlings – waaaaaah!

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